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GCMS TQ 8040


Shimadzu new GCMS TQ8040 inherits the performance of the GCMS TQ8030 triple quadrupole Gas Chromatograph mass spectrometer (GCMS), which provides ppt ( 1trillionth) level sensitivity and ultra high speed analysis. At the same time, the GCMS-TQ 8040 offers significantly improved throughput and operability. This product features excellent productivity via simultaneous analysis, smart operability, high sensitivity, and high speed. In addition, it can be used as a “GCMS smart system” by combining it with special smart database series software.

As phase one of the smart database series, sales of smart pesticides database will start concurrently. This database supports the analysis of residual pesticides in foods with data on approximately 480 pesticide components used worldwide, thereby contributing to food safety.

Triple quadrupole GC-MS/MS systems are utilized for wide range of applications, including the analysis of drugs and metabolites in blood, analysis of residual pesticides in foods, and detection of environmental pollutants in tap water and environmental water. In recent years, the number of components to detect has increased, while their quantities have become miniscule. Accordingly, in addition to instrument performance, the need has grown for improved operability, simultaneous multicomponent analysis, and support for the development of optimal methods.

When used in combination with the smart database, a user can create optimal methods automatically and starts analysis without the need for complicated procedures.

Smart Productivity         


This new firmware protocol enables MRM analysis with up to 32,768 transitions in a single analysis. A simultaneous analysis can be performed with a conventionally difficult number of components, dramatically increasing productivity.

Smart Operation


GC-MS/MS analysis requires multiple settings that can be confusing to the average operator. With smart MRM, the GCMS-TQ 8040 software sets the analytical conditions automatically, making method development painless, fast, and easy.

Smart Performance


The exceptionally efficient ion source and collision cell provide low detection limits. High speed scanning control (Advanced scanning speed protocol, or ASSP) and simultaneous scan/MRM analysis mode provides high quality library searcheable fragmentation spectra, and accurate low-level quantitative data in a single analysis.

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