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DSC-60 Plus


Shimadzu Scientific Instruments has introduced the DSC-60Plus Series differential scanning calorimeters, indispensable thermal analyzers for materials characterization. The DSC-60Plus series offers the high sensitivity analysis and easy operation required for the development of high-functioning new materials in the food, polymer and pharmaceutical industries.

As high performance, general purpose differential scanning calorimeters, the DSC-60Plus series offers high sensitivity and high resolution during analysis. Its new detector and unique furnace construction achieve a stable baseline across the entire measured temperature range (-140 to 600oC), as well as top-class temperature sensitivity. The eco-friendly furnace achieves more than 20 percent lower energy consumption when heating from room temperature.

A cooling chamber comes installed as standard on the DSC-60Plus Series. The liquid nitrogen cooling chamber permits easy measurements without the need for special accessories. Further, it achieves a cooling rate of 10oC/minute at -100oC. Its sample loading temperature function enables quick sample change without dewfall during sequential analysis.

The DSC-60A Plus model features a built in compact autosampler, which permits automated measurement, analysis and report printout for up to 24 uploaded samples. It improves the efficiency of screening during product development, as well as the efficiency of quality control activities.


Additionally, the DSC-60Plus Series complies with various analytical laboratory regulations, including yhe U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s 21 CFR Part 11.

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