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The Tracera GC system is based on the GC-2010 plus platform and includes a Barrier Discharge Ionization Detector. Making it nearly universal Gas Chromatography tool. Barrier Discharge Ionization Detector (BID) is capable of detecting all types of trace organic and inorganic compounds, with the exception of Helium (He) and Neon (Ne), at the 0.1 ppm level (i.e. sub-ppm, where ppm refers to performed with GC systems incorporating different detectors.


Main Features of This System


1. High Sensitivity—Achieves detection sensitivity over 100 times that of TCD, and over twice that of FID

The built-in barrier discharge ionization detector (BID) generates helium plasma. The extremely high photon energy of this plasma ionizes the sample components, enabling high-sensitivity detection. This system achieves at least 100 times the sensitivity of a conventional TCD, and at least twice the sensitivity of FID, enabling the detection of all types of trace components at the 0.1 ppm level.

2. Universal Detector—Capable of detecting both organic and inorganic compounds with no difference in sensitivity

The new BID helium plasma has an extremely high energy. It can detect all organic and inorganic compounds, with the exception of He and Ne, with no difference in sensitivity. It improves analysis sensitivity even with aldehydes, alcohols, and halides, for which sensitivity decreases with FID. A single Tracera system can perform analyses that conventionally required complicated systems equipped with multiple detectors and units. Examples include the analysis of hydrogen and organic compounds such as formic acid, generated as part of the reaction process during artificial photosynthesis, and the analysis of low concentration hydrocarbons and permanent gases generated in lithium ion rechargeable batteries.

3. Long-Term Stability—Adopts electrode-preserving plasma generation technology

With the new BID, the plasma is generated inside a quartz tube, so it makes no contact with the discharge electrode used for plasma generation. As a result, the detector electrode is not degraded, achieving long-term analytical stability.


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