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DNA- RNA Electrophoresis System

This microchip electrophoresis system quickly and easily performs DNA and RNA nucleic acid size confirmation and quantitation. This system uses microchip technology to conduct fully automated high-speed electrophoresis separation, and fluorescence detection to perform high-sensitivity analysis. Simply place it on the lab bench, instantly perform a run, and quickly see the results. 

Key benefits and features:

  a. Lower Analysis Costs: A sophisticated reusable microchip achieves lower running costs for consumables per analysis than agarose gel electrophoresis.

b. Greater Speed:

High-speed automatic operation for up to 120 analyses
(An analysis schedule can include up to 120 samples while the instrument can accept a maximum of 108 samples (96 + 12 extra).) Approx. 80 seconds/analysis processing speed

c. Simply set up the samples and the separation buffer for automated analysis of up to 120 samples. Up to four microchips can be installed for parallel processing of analysis pretreatment and electrophoresis, resulting in a processing speed of just 80 seconds per analysis.

d. High Sensitivity Detection: This instrument is equipped with a LED-excited fluorescence detector. It’s more than 10 times as sensitive as ethidium bromide staining.

High Resolution and High Reproducibility: Select the optimal separation buffer that suits the sample. Simultaneous electrophoresis of an internal marker ensures high analysis reliability and reproducibility

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