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Auto TA

The DSC-60A and DTG-60A/60H is a new automatic TA which defines new standards in autosampler technology.  The built-in automatic sampler can easily be operated and programmed, compared to the complicated operation and setup of conventional autosamplers.

Thermal analyzer are not only used for developing materials, but now are increasingly used for quality control purposes. Therefore, more and more users have been demanding automation and improvements to throughput. In desire to smash the old image of the autosampler (an expensive bulky specialized instrument) event further, our response to user requests was to begin development of this new Auto TA system.  As a result, we completed the DSC-60A/DTG-60A thermal analyzer models with built in autosampler, developed based on concept of “Essentially, a thermal analyzer with built-in tweezers”. They use the latest software, the cost/performance value is excellent, and they have a space-saving compact design. Either model has the features to satisfy.

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