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LCMS System

Nowadays the importance and widespread used of LC-MS is increasing. Since Shimadzu Prominence System has high level of  performance to support MS front end detector, Shimadzu LCMS-2020 single quadrapole is an LC detector can effectively reduce the limitation of LC analysis with ultra high speed analysis and easy maintenance.

High-speed HPLC analysis to improve lab analysis productivity began in 1982 with the Shimadzu LC-5A/FLC column. In 2006, the Prominence UFLC/XR column system achieved ultra high-speeds while ensuring repeatability during continuous multi-sample analysis, in addition to maintaining durability and other forms of data stability.

Since general HPLC analysis is insufficient with respect to qualitative capabilities, risks related to overlooking impurities that can obscure peaks remain. Mass spectrometers are effective at minimizing these risks. To date, however, a commercial MS capable of reliably providing the kind of sharp peaks obtained with ultra high-speed LC has not been available.

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