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Protein Peptide Squencing System

Protein sequencing via automated Edman degradation chemistry remains a simple and robust solution for many labs, delivering unambiguous data that is much less complex than the data obtained through mass spectrometry-based techniques. Utilizing state-of-the-art HPLC analysis, high sensitivity detection and powerful new acquisition/analysis software, Shimadzu’s PPSQ series is no exception, achieving greater simplicity and reliability in the determination of amino acid sequences.

* Excellent Baseline Stability
Using the highly acclaimed Shimadzu HPLC, the PPSQ series protein sequencers separate PTH-amino acids isocratically, improving baseline stability and allowing high-sensitivity analysis of PTH-amino acids.

* Superior Retention Time Reproducibility
Isocratic sequence analysis provides more stable retention times. That means peaks detected in previous cycles can be cancelled using substation chromatogram processing, making it easier for users to identify sequences.

* Reduced Liquid Waste/Running Costs
Analysis in isocratic mode allows for eluents to be recycled, thereby reducing the amount of mobile phase required along with reduced waste disposal, resulting in significant cost savings. It also allows for quick instrument startup as the HPLC can be left in a standby re-cycle mode.

* Software
The PPSQ series’ specialized software incorporates control functions for the reaction unit and HPLC, enabling easier sequence analysis of proteins and peptides. Simple, easy-to-use data analysis functions simplify the following: Reprocessing of chromatograms, Overlay of multiple chromatograms, Automatic estimation of amino acid sequences

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