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AccuSpot, a new MALDI plate spotter, automates LC micro-fractionation, spotting and preparation for MS analysis. With the AccuSpot system, LC eluent can be accurately and continuously spotted onto target plates in volumes of 10 nL or more on up to nine 96 or 384 format or 18 2 x 2 format target plates.

By using in tandem with any HPLC system, including the 2D Micro-HPLC system, proteome analysis can be performed with a higher degree of precision and with greater sequence coverage. Key features include: 

Unique Sample Spotting Method

The "Half-contact" method utilizes plate sensors (patent pending), preventing plate damage and eliminating cross contamination


High Sample Capacity

Multiple plates (9 Shimadzu/Bruker or 18 ABI) can be spotted continuously

Flexible Loading Samples

Matrix solution can be added automatically at flow rates from 0.1μL/min to
50μL/min with selectabe multi-directional spotting 

Versatile Spotting Modes

Spotting can be performed in either continuous or time-specific mode 

Standard CCD Camera

Enables continuous monitoring of the spotting operation Once you spot the advantages of decoupling LC from LC/MALDI, you'll agree. Shimadzu is the leader in new solutions for micro-scale proteomics research.

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