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Chemical Inkjet Printer

Chemical Inkjet Printing | CHIP-1000

Delivers picoliter volumes of reagent to a target surface using piezoelectric technology.
Shimadzu Biotech and Proteome Systems win R&D 100 Award for novel Chemical Inkjet Printing
(CHIP) Technology.

Key benefits and features:

* The CHIP-1000 is a unique device for delivering reagents on a micro-scale. Bringing together piezoelectric technology for surface target chemistry.

* Each droplet is less than 100pL

* Each droplet is delivered to a specific surface location such tissue sections and PVDF membranes.

* The solvent delivery is a non contact method.

* To support the visualization of the droplet and the area of interest, the system has a camera and an in built scanner. The camera is used to ensure that droplet formation is correct whilst the visible light scanner is used to identify target areas on the surface and creating a target map.

* The key benefit for this technology is that researchers can consider true micro-scale applications whether it is based on tissue analysis by mass spectrometry or antibody delivery for mass spectrometry.

* It opens up new horizons in life science - specifically the quickly emerging field of tissue analysis by MS.

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