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Thermal Analyzer Instrument

The TMA-60 and TMA-60H are each uniquely capable of performing a variety of thermomechancial experiments, on an array of sample shapes and sizes, over a wide temperature range, to meet all of your TMA needs!


High Precision TMA
The TMA-60 series incorporates a newly developed digital high-precision displacement sensor that provides dramatically increased measurement accuracy over previous models using LVDT technology. This new detector enables the TMA-60 series to measure displacement in the ±5mm range, twice that of the previous model, for detection of extremely small or large sample deformation.

Easy Operation
The easily replaceable sample support tube and plug-in temperature sensor facilitates effortless operator interchange of test method jigs allowing for rapid transition between elongation and expansion modes of operation.

Customized Measurement Methods
The multifunctional TMA-60 is the best model for expansion, elongation, and penetration measurements while the TMA-60H (high-temperature model) is best suited for differential thermal expansion measurements of ceramics and other materials with minute expansion properties.




Temperature Range

TMA-60: Ambient to 1,000°C (for expansion masurement)
Ambient to 600°C (for tension and penetration measurement in an inert gas)
-150°C to 600°C (when using the LTB-60 cooling furnace)

TMA-60H: Ambient to 1,500°C

Sample Dimensions

Diameter:8 mm x 20 mm max. (TMA-60)
5 mm x 20 mm max. (TMA-60H)

Film: 5 mm (W) x 1 mm (T) x 20 mm (L) max.(for tension measurement)

Load on Sample

0 N ±5 N


367 mm (W) x 624 mm (D) x 880 mm (H)


45 kg

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