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The GC-2014 Series is equipped with the advanced flow controller (AFC)  technology inherited from the GC-17A Series and GC-2010 Series. This digital control is standard for not only capillary columns, but packed columns as well. Accurate flow rate control via AFC has higher-level repeatability of retention time and peak area, enabling a higher level of analyses.
The detectors have been completely redesigned, incorporating the GC-2010 detector designs for capillary analyses and the GC-14 detector designs for packed columns. This TCD-2014 unit is ideal for packed column measurements employing the semi-diffusion cell design used in TCD-14. The newly designed FPD-2014 takes advantage of the holophotal construction of the FPD-2010

 A large LCD displays chromatograms and method parameters. Graphical popup screen that clearly guides operation so that operation errors are prevented. The built-in Help function almost eliminates need for familiarization training. Self-diagnostics validate that the instrument before injection. Regular diagnosis prevents unexpected downtime.

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