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UV Spectrophotometry

In the past, spectrophotometers were primarily developed to measure the absorption of liquid samples. Recently, however, there has been a significant increase in applications measuring the reflectance or absorption of solid samples, such as semiconductors, thin films, glass, or absorbents. In the life science, there is a need for high-throughput systems that can rapidly analyze ultra-trace samples with high sensitivity. In the pharmaceuticals industry, instruments must have security and audit-trail features to help with GxP/Part 11 compliance.

The UV-2600 is a single monochromator type that provides high cost efficiency, while the UV-2700 is a double monochromator type. these compact UV-VIS spectrophotometers feature miniaturized optical systems, a width of only 450 mm, and the smallest installation space requirements in their class. low stray light has been achieved by adopting a Lo-Ray-Ligh grade diffraction grating, enabling high-level absorbance measurements up to 8-Abs with the UV-2700.



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