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X-ray Spectroscopic Apparatus

X-ray spectroscopy is a gathering name for several spectroscopic techniques for determining the electronic structure of materials by using x-ray excitation

In the X-ray region there is sufficient energy to probe changes in the electronic state (transitions between orbitals; this is in contrast with the optical region, where the energy loss is often due to changes in the state of the rotational or vibrational degrees of freedom). For instance, in the ultra soft X-ray region (below about 1 keV), crystal field excitations give rise to the energy loss.

Shimadzu as one of well known and reputable laboratory instrumens maker has several type of X Rays Spectroscopy as :

          1.  Wavelenght Dispersive X ray  Fluoresence(WD-XRF) consist of:

    a. XRF 1800 Series come up with Sequential Technique Instrumen

  b. Multi  X ray Fluoresence ( MXF)  2400 known as simultaneous XRF type

 2.   Xray Diffractometer (XRD) consist of

   a. XRD 6000 coming with theta-2theta technique

   b. XRD 7000 coming with theta-theta technique

3. Energy Dispersive X ray consist of

   a.   EDX 720 which able to use for general issue

   b. EDX GP which mostly using for RoHS or Green Procurement Analysis

   c.  EDX LE, non Liquid Nitrogen Detector, dedicated for RoHS and Green Procurement Analysis

Line Up
EDX 720
XRF 1800
XRD 7000
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